FOR EMERGENCY ANIMAL RESCUE 24/7 PLEASE CALL 0920 620 109 / 0928 552 326

31 scared dogs in horrific conditions need your help NOW!

(WARNING: Some may find the abuse in this video upsetting)

Our overseas branch, ACT for Animals, has recently discovered a secret breeding/hoarder facility in northern Taiwan. Thirty-one dogs are living in horrific conditions. We found one dead puppy, many scared dogs, a mum nursing three newborns, and another about to give birth any minute. All are living in stink, filth, noise, and heat. Mother dogs are giving birth on compressed excrement that has built up under their feet over the years.

They need your help right now.

If you are in Taiwan and can foster or adopt one or more of these mostly dachshunds and dachshund mixes, please send us a message right now.

To help ACT save dogs like this from pain and suffering, please click on the Donate button above.

Please send us a message if you can help in any other way.

Let’s get these dogs into loving homes—and fresh air—today.


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