"I am ready to complete your home!"


• Male• Taiwan tugou / black Lab mix • 7 years old • Large sized (28 kg) • Medium energy • Treated for heartworm • Fully vaccinated • Neutered • Microchipped • Friendly
Beano had spent his whole life chained up outside until a kind lady asked ACT to give him a good home. Since the moment we secured his freedom, Beano has been loving the big outdoors, and you will need to learn how to lead him on walks instead of him taking the reins. He’s a strong character and likes to demonstrate his status to his packmates, who have learned to just let the old boy be top dog. He would need to be in a home with no other dominant dogs, but Beano is great with people. He always seeks out the staff for a bit of extra attention, and he’s very generous at dishing it out too. He’s a special case, our Beano, so if you think you’re the right person for him, then you should complete a form below, because you’re very special indeed!

I have to say, after being chained to a cage exposed to the elements for such a long time, I had started to give up on life. When people did give me attention, I was so excited that they mistook my exuberance for aggression, so affection was not forthcoming. So when the nice people from ACT came and took me for my first walk in years, I took the opportunity to drag them all over the neighbourhood before I'd have to be chained up again. But they didn't send me back, and now I get to run around in a garden and go for walks and get all the love and attention I'd missed out on my whole life. If you can forgive a fellow for being overly keen on walks together, then please take me home; I just want my life to keep getting better and better. And you may be the only person who can help me.

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