"I am ready to complete your home!"


• Female • Aidi / Australian shepherd mix • 9 years old • Medium sized • Low energy • Treated for babesiosis • Fully vaccinated • Microchipped • Neutered • Shy at first
Bennie can take a while before she finally lets her guard down, but your patience will be beautifully rewarded, as she LOVES the people who let her take her time to get closer. We found her on the beach, begging at seaside restaurants, but she was far less forthcoming when we brought her into our care. Bennie is a low-energy girl, so she doesn’t need too many long walks, but you will need to brush her beautiful coat every day. She’s great with other dogs—but mostly because she just likes keeping herself to herself. She would suit a home with no children and a patient understanding of insecure dogs. So, if you’re good with a brush, like easy walks, and don’t mind taking things slowly, Bennie is the perfect dog for you.

I was quite happy begging for food at ocean-front restaurants, but, now I'm used to my temporary home at ACT, I like it even more, because I don't have to walk so far for meals! Don't get me wrong: I love going for walks. But I'm not the kind of girl who needs to climb a mountain or two to feel fulfilled. What's more important to me is that you can understand I'm much more shy than I look. I really do like to keep myself to myself until I'm totally comfortable with you. But then I'll amke you feel like you're the only person in the world—because you probably will be the onlyt one in mine. Give me a try. You have nothing to lose. I promise my love is worth the wait.