"I am ready to complete your home!"


• Male • Domestic shorthair • 7 years old • Medium sized (3.8 kg) • Medium energy • No known health issues • Fully vaccinated • Microchipped • Friendly
Cosmic is a very friendly, quiet, calm, cuddly ginger Tom just waiting to keep your favourite spot on the sofa warm for you!

There I was as a stray cat, happily walking around my mountain home, wanting to meet the new neighbours who had just moved in, when I learned very quickly that they had dogs who did NOT like cats! The canine pack chased me when I walked onto their property, and I got badly hurt trying to get away from them, so I hid up on a high shelf and refused to come down. Luckily, the human of the house knew to call ACT, and they came to rescue me and take me to a vet for treatment. I'm fine now and every much looking forward to finding a home of my own—though perhaps without an unfriendly pack of dogs this time!