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Rescued snare amputee Cowgirl the Taiwan tugou looks relaxed at the beach


• Female • Taiwan tugou • 6 years old • Medium sized (12.5 kg) • Medium energy • Treated for babesiosis; amputee (missing back-left foot) • Fully vaccinated • Microchipped • Neutered • House-trained • Quiet • Very friendly and easy-going
Cowgirl is one of twelve dogs we rescued from an area plagued by poachers’ snares over the Christmas period. She lived outside a cow farm, but the staff there said she was a stray and that’s why they hadn’t taken her to the vet for the very serious injury she had sustained. Although we were told she is aggressive to strangers, we found her to be the complete opposite: despite the terrible pain she was in and the confusion of being taken away from her mountaintop home and to our vet in the noisy city, Cowgirl was extremely well-behaved and seemed incredibly grateful for the help she was getting. Now fully recovered from the surgery to remove the remains of her paw and treated for the babesiois she was stricken with, Cowgirl is one of the most adorable, easy dogs we have ever had the pleasure of taking care of. If you adopt her, will forever celebrate the day that she came into your life. Give her a try and see!

I was quite happy living up there on the mountain, helping guard the cows and barking to scare away intruders. But I'm not sad I left; it was becoming very dangerous up there, and many of my friends were badly hurt by the snares and traps that poachers put out to catch wild boar and muntjac deer. I became a victim too, and none of the people who were supposed to be taking care of me helped. I'm really grateful that the nice people at ACT spotted me and very quickly made all the pain go away. I love my new life now—living as part of a family is lovely, and Sean and Judy say I'm a really good girl and easy to take care of. Most people will overlook me when wanting to adopt, because they think I'm 'imperfect'. But, if you take me home, I will prove to you that there is no dog better than me when it comes to making you happy. Please give me a try!

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