"I am ready to complete your home!"


• Female • Taiwan tugou / black lab mix • 3 years old • Medium sized (23 kg) • High energy • No known health issues • Fully vaccinated • Microchipped • Friendly
Doreen is a wonderful, energetic, playful girl with a whole lot of love to give. She would suit someone with an active lifestyle who enjoys lots of walks, playing fun doggy games, and with an understanding of how to keep a high-energy, smart dog occupied and exercised. When she’s burned up all her energy, Doreen is a the perfect companion, as she loves nothing more than to cuddle up close to you or your other dogs. She’s a fast learner, and, although she has a scar around her waist, Doreen is in excellent health.

I used to love living up in the mountains, on a quiet road in the middle of nowhere. It was a great life—until I got caught one day in a poacher's snare that cut deeper and deeper into my waist. I managed to get free, but the wire cut deep into my flesh and became embedded in my body. Luckily for me, a nice guy called Bill saw my injury when he was out looking for snakes, and he knew just who to call: the nice people at ACT! They came and got me and took me to a vet early the next morning, where the wire was removed and my recovery began. I love life, and I'm very happy to be free of pain. Now all I want is to be part of a family who enjoy going for long walks (it would be perfect if you had another dog for me to play with!).

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