"I am ready to complete your home!"


• Female • Basenji / Canaan mix • 4 years old • Medium sized (15 kg) • Medium energy • Treated for babesiosis • Fully vaccinated • Microchipped • Neutered • Very friendly, sometimes nervous
We spotted Dudu living on one of the most dangerous, snare-infested country roads in Taiwan. Her fur was brittle, her skin very pink, and her demeanour anxious and desperate. We knew a nervous dog like her wouldn’t last long out there; she would become a target for the packs of other strays who live close by. She came to our car door, begging to come with us. How could we say no? Since then, her coat has become beautiful and soft, and her character happy and confident (most of the time). Dudu is a very sweet and loving dog. We know you’ll love her as much as we do.

I was so scared when I got dumped up on that cold, lonely mountain road. It was really scary! I just wanted the nightmare to end—and it did! Those lovely people at ACT came and took me away to this lovely sanctuary where I get love, attention, great company, and delicious, healthy food. I love this new life! The only way it could be better is if I could find a family all of my very own. I've lived in a house before, and they said I was a very good girl. Please make my dream come true: take me home with you today! I promise you'll love me.