"I am ready to complete your home!"


• Male • Domestic shorthair • 2½ years old • Medium sized (4.5 kg) • Medium energy • Healthy • Fully vaccinated • Neutered • Microchipped • Friendly
Hobbes is a real character who is very adept at making himself known to everyone in the room. As charismatic as any cat can be, he garners attention just by being there. Hobbes is top cat in his little pride and knows how to assert his authority. Some other cats may find him a bit of a bully, so Hobbes would best suit a home with easy-going other cats, or at least fellow felines who don’t take his dominant behaviour too much to heart. And don’t be fooled by Hobbes’ apparent aloofness—he loves being number one because that way he gets the pick of humans to snuggle up to. Are you ready to let Hobbes win your heart?

I got badly hurt as a stray cat living in the mountains and was extremely lucky to have some kind people spot that I was in trouble and needed help. They took me to the vet and got me healthy again—I am so lucky they were there! Once I was better, they asked ACT to help me find a home, so here I am! I'm living with two of the founders, as they wanted to make sure I was a good cat (I am—often!). They named me after the aloof, nonchalant, stuffed tiger in the 'Calvin and Hobbes' comic strip because I look and behave just like him. And now it's time to find a family of my own. I'm ready and looking forward to finding my forever home. So, are you my Calvin?