"I am ready to complete your home!"


• Male • Taiwan tugou mix • 8 months old • Medium sized • Very high energy • No known health issues • Fully vaccinated • Microchipped • Friendly
Kane is lucky to be alive, and he knows it! Rescued at death’s door on the floor of a truly horrible hoarding/breeding facility when only four weeks old, he was saved just in time and thankfully survived pneumonia and made it to good health. He is an extremely energetic puppy now with a real love for life, food, fun, and friends. As long as he gets a nice, long walk every day and consistency with rules and boundaries, he’ll make a wonderful companion. He gets on great with other dogs, though he’d better suited to living with dogs who have plenty of patience. Kane would suit anyone with experience helping puppies become good dogs, and it would be perfect if you need a bouncy little buddy to get you out in the fresh air for a healthy walk every day.

I know how lucky I am. That terrible place I was born into was the stuff of nightmares—to get adopted into a loving home will be a dream come true for me. I am REALLY happy to be alive. Do you like playing ball? How about roughhousing? Or long walks in the country? I'd LOVE to do all those things with you! I'm old enough now to learn very quickly, but young enough to bring energy to everything I do—most of which is having fun! But there's anoyther side of me I can't wait to show you: I'm very, very cuddly. When playtime is over, I make a great lap warmer. Please give me a chance. You can always bring me back if I just make life TOO much fun for you.