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Double amputee black Taiwan tugou dog Sweetheart sits relaxing on BaiShaWan beach


• Female • Taiwan tugou • 4 years old • Medium sized (15 kg) • Low energy • Treated for babesiosis; double amputee • Fully vaccinated • Microchipped • Neutered • House-trained • Very friendly and easy-going
A kind cyclist spotted Sweetheart hobbling around on a mountain road in northern Taiwan and asked ACT to please help her. It took us a few tries before we found her, but, when we did, we were happy to discover that she is a very friendly lady and therefore easy to ‘rescue’. Sweetheart was in pretty good health when she came in and the injuries to her two legs were old and needed no further surgery. She gets around just fine but doesn’t have the energy of dogs with all four legs to carry them. We treated her for babesiosis and are now looking into getting her prosthetics for both legs that are missing paws. Don’t feel sorry for her; she’s a happy little lady who loves food, cuddles, sunbathing, and short walks. After a few days, you’ll forget she’s not your typical four-legged friend!

It was very scary and painful when I stepped in the wire snare that slowly took off my foot. The second time wasn't any easier. I don't know why people use those things, but I do know that most people are good and friendly, and I can't wait to have a human all of my own. Sean and Judy have let me live with them and their baby daughter, Saoirse, so I can learn how to be a good family dog, and I love it! I know some people may overlook me because of my two missing feet, but, hey, you've only got two legs and you do just fine! Please give me a chance; you won't regret it. Let me be YOUR Sweetheart. XXX

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