Adopting an animal completely changed our life. It’s exciting for our whole family and my kids just love it. I believe every animal deserve a safe and loving home. 

Happy Adoption! 



Adopting a rescue helps not only that animal but also makes us very happy.


When you adopt a rescue, you’re opening up a space so we can bring in another suffering animal and transform his or her life.


By adopting and not buying a dog or cat, you’re preventing more animals being bred into the cruel puppy mill and cat-breeding industries.


Adopting a rescued animal makes YOU feel GREAT!

When you adopt one of our animals you become part of the ACT family and like all families we will be there to support you and your new arrival whenever you need us.

If you are currently not in a positon to adopt you can still make a huge contribution by sponsoring an animal, it’s a great way to get involved and make a huge difference. Check out our sponsor page.

Click on a name to view each animals bio and scroll down on the bio page for the links to the adoption and foster application forms


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