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Every month, we need to raise


£ 6,300 / month

2 cat carers, 3 dog carers, and 2 rescuers and intensive carers, all full-time and dedicated


£ 700 / month

1 dog rescue-and-rehoming centre (1/3 acre) and 1 4-storey cat rescue-and-rehoming centre


£ 2,950 / month

Every month, more than a dozen animals come in needing emergency surgery or vet care


£ 1,400 / month

We feed 50 cats and 120 dogs plus about 20 strays a healthy, fresh raw diet every day


£ 320 / month

Gas, electricity, water, garbage, internet, and phone for two facilities and one staff member


£ 580 / month

Petrol, tax, insurance, maintenance and other car expenses for one rescue car and a transport vehicle

Fundraising and Administration

£ 1,600 / month

Salary for non-animal-care/rescue staff, advertising and marketing, data storage and website

Animal Care

£ 150 / month

Cat litter, batteries, leashes, pee pads, toys, cleaning products, crates, shampoos, etc.

That's a lot of money to raise—but if enough people each give a little regularly, we can do it easily!

Monthly donations

Welcome to our brand-new monthly-donation page. We hope you will become on of our beloved monthly donors. ACT currently runs three facilities in northern Taiwan, employing six full-time staff, helping more than 150 suffering or needy animals every year, and currently caring for 120 dogs and 50 cats. As you can imagine, this is a huge responsibilty, as we must find enough funds every month to pay vet bills, salaries, food bills, transportation costs, rent, utilities, and so much more.

It can be quite a challenge finding time to raise funds while giving all the animals the attention they deserve. That’s why we love monthly donations: knowing how much funding we have coming in every month is a blessing. It enables us to plan better, pay our bills on time, worry less, and spend less time fundraising and more time helping our rescued dogs and cats get adopted into loving homes.

Individual donations are also greatly appreciated—they always provide a much needed boost to not just funds but also our morale. They too are a fantastic way to support our animal-rescue work. If you would prefer to make a one-off donation, you can do so on our regular donation page. We will be incredibly grateful and happy to receive your kind individual support.

And if you would like to become a monthly donor, please see below! Giving a little every month is a huge help, because it means we can transform the lives of a LOT more dogs, cats, and other suffering animals. If you prefer, you can make your gift quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly—it still helps us in exactly the same way. You are also free donate as much or as little as you like, and you can cancel your recurring donation at any time.

Please join our monthly-donor club! Our rescued dogs and cats—and all our futire rescues—will be very grateful for your kindness and compassion.

That's 1,400 x £10
We just need 1,400 compassionate people like you each contributing just £10 per month—but give as little or as much as you like!
Crowd-funding means YOU can make BIG things happen with just a SMALL regular gift
That's 1,080 x NT$500
If 1,080 kind people like you each donates just NT$500 per month, we can continue helping SO MANY suffering animals!
That's 1,700 x US$10
If 1,700 kind people can forego a cup of coffee per week, the money can fund an entire animal rescue in Taiwan.
Give as little or as much as you like
That's 1,125 x CA$20
With just a small donation each month from enough animal-loving people, we can easily make a mountain out of a molehill.
Thousand of people giving a few dollars means thousands of dollars for animals in need
That's 1,250 x AU$20
We can't all run an animal rescue, but together we can provide the funds to cover everything the animals need.
Even just a few dollars a month really helps
That's 1,330 x HK$100
Daily small change gifted monthly transforms the lives of 150 suffering animals every year!
Together, we really can make a difference

Help us achieve our goal:
£14,000 in monthly donations

If you prefer to donate via transfer to our Taiwan bank account, please click on the button at the bottom of this form.​

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Together, we can make amazing things happen for so many animals

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