Before and After

A gallery showcasing how we transform the lives of suffering animals thanks to your support

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Rescued stray dog Penny the three-legged brindle tugou NOW
rescued stray dog Penny caught in a poacher's snare that is slowly amputating her foot THEN

Penny was heard barking by a passerby, who alerted us to what she found: a stray dog with her right leg caught in a wire snare that was slowly amputating her foot. In pain and very aggressive at the time of rescue, Penny has since blossomed into one of the loveliest, happiest dogs you you could ever meet. (Lovable amputees for adoption: Cowgirl, Sweetheart)

Tiny the RSPCA Ruff's Inaugural Champ!

Tiny the rottweiler with no fur, sick, and depressed in a cage THEN

Tiny the Rottweiler was languishing in a government kill pound. He was very thin, sick, and depressed. His body was riddled with mange and sores and was almost furless. We were told he was big and aggressive and facing euthanasia. So we busted him out, got him the meds he needed, and got him on a raw diet with lots of fresh air, walks, and love thrown in. Tiny loved his new life, and his health dramatically improved in no time at all.

Tiny’s transformation was so incredible that we entered him into the RSPCA’s brand-new ‘dog show’, Ruffs, where winners are chosen not on looks but on their welfare and happiness. Tiny not only won the Best Transformation category by a landslide (180,000 votes) but also went on to be named inaugural Champion!


rescued stray dog Kath suffering from skin disease and malnutrition THEN

Kath was rescued the day after a typhoon had just passed. When we found her, she was thin, malnourished, and suffering from skin disease—all while trying to raise a litter of puppies, one of whom we found crushed behind a heavy shelf. You can see the video of their amazing rescue story here. And you can now sponsor Kath! Click HERE!


Rescued stray dog Terence after treatment for scabies NOW
Taiwanese stray dog Terence suffering from scabies THEN

When we first saw Terence struggling to maintain a miserable existence on the street, he was so bald and his skin so badly diseased that he looked like a statue. His back-right leg was atrophied, giving him a painful-looking limp. But a couple of weeks of meds and a few months of healthy, raw food and lots of love and exercise transformed Terence so much that you would never believe the two photos are the same dog. He now resides at a spacious, beautiful dog sanctuary we created in northern Taiwan.



Kandy came into ACT care after we spotted her begging for food outside a house in the countryside near our rescue centre. Her neck looked like raw meat as a result of a neck wound going untreated and becoming seriously infected. She walked into our humane trap along with her kitten, and the two now live happily together at The Cats’ Cradle, our feline rescue centre, where they await adoption, hopefully together. If you’re in Taiwan and would like to meet Kandy, get in touch today!


Taiwan rescued stray dog Doreen after a poacher's snare cut deep into her waist THEN

Responding to a late-night call about a badly injured stray dog on a dark mountain road, we were shocked to find a young, friendly, dog with a deep snare injury around her waist. The wire was embedded in her flesh, and, on her belly, skin had begun growing over the wound. Our vet couldn’t close the lesion, so we treated her with a little-known but highly effective local ulcer remedy: watermelon powder. It’s great for rapid healing of open wounds, and Doreen is now perfectly beautiful and ready for adoption.