By sponsoring an ACT rescue animal, you not only ensure the lifelong care of that dog or cat, but also help our charity continue in its mission to save lives.

ACT rescues and rehabilitates more than 150 animals each year—almost all from immense suffering or danger—and gives them the best future possible through release of healthy wild animals or rehoming of dogs and cats. But some cannot ever be released or are unlikely to find a better home than in our care.

By sponsoring one or more of these special dogs or cats, you are not only guaranteeing them lifelong love and care, but you also help ensure that ACT can continue transforming the lives of many more. You will receive three or four email updates per year from your chosen animal, giving you a unique insight into their life while providing a meaningful thank-you for your kindness.

Some of the communications from your sponsoree will include a new photo and sometimes even a video. Your monthly gift will mean everything to your sponsored animal and other animals in need. And knowing we have your contribution coming in every month helps us plan ahead while feeling reassured that our rescues can always be treated for their ailments and injuries and enjoy a fulfilling new life.

Please take a look below at the specially chosen 12 resident animals available for sponsorship. Click on their picture or name to read more about them.

Should you need any help, please email our cofounder, [email protected] or click here to submit an online form.

  • Choose a dog or cat to sponsor
  • Donate at least £10 per month in his or her name
  • Several times per year, your grateful sponsored animal sends you updates on his or life
  • Feel great seeing the good your monthly donation does for animals

Which of our rescued animals would you like to sponsor?

Cara the once-paralyzed pup


Cara is one of the sweetest yet most determined dogs you could ever wish to meet. She was born in one of our sanctuaries to a dog who we were told was already spayed—along with eight tiny siblings. Despite being vaccinated, she contracted distemper when she was just four months old, and over time she became completely paralyzed as a result. But we refused to put her to sleep immediately, deciding to see if

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Rescued Taiwan dog Bob is free after living in a rusty cage his whole life


Bob came to ACT after a kind lady negotiated with his owner to release him to us after a lifetime of living in a small, very rusty cage with the door welded shut and situated over a drain, completely exposed to the elements except for a rickety makeshift roof. He spent his first week of freedom huddled up in the corner of our yard, unaware that he now had plenty of room to run

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Rescued Taiwan stray dog Gigi suffers from a pancreatic disorder called EPI


Gigi is a very sweet little girl and a bit of a favourite at The ARK. She suffers from a rare kind of pancreatic disease that prevents her from being able to easily digest the nutrition that she needs in order to gain weight and stay healthy. She needs to eat about three times more than a dog twice her size, and she needs regular trips to the vet and expensive supplements and medicine

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Amputee rescued Taiwan stray dog Robert


Robert was very wary of people at the time of rescue; in fact, it took us about a month to catch him because he kept such a distance from strangers. We tried hard almost every day, because his leg was in a really bad way, and his general condition was deteriorating. Finally we worked out a way to catch the wily stray: Judy drove the car while Sean hung out the window with a

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Grizzly the brindle Taiwan stray dog who was rescued after being maimed by a snare


Grizzly is a funny old fella. While he is cuddly and playful most of the time, there are times, especially when he’s not sure what’s going on, that he can let us know in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t want to be touched. Yes, he sometimes bites. Not too hard, but it still hurts, and we have learned how to manage it. But it does mean that he’s not suitable for adoption unless

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Jara the white Taiwan stray dog was rescued after a steel leghold trap cut off half her foot


Jara was a stray dog living on a mountain road that runs right through an area plagued by leg-hold traps and wire snares, cruel devices that lazy hunters use for catching wild animals to eat. She stepped in a trap and it slowly amputated her toes. It took us a few days to catch her, because she is very wary of strangers, and by the time we did it was too late. Thankfully, our vet was able to

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Jay the Taiwan tugou dog


Jay is in ACT care because of some behavioural issues that his loving human was having difficulty controlling. While he still wants to be the king of his garden, he is doing much better with people now. He loves cuddles and playing games, and is always the perfect companion for a long walk. Jay has a young-dog mentality and is very much like a troublesome teenager: very testing but also lots of fun. The ARK (our dog rescue

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puppy Maria and mum, Kath, several months after being recsued


Kath is one dedicated mum! She struggled hard through sickness, malnutrition, and even a super-typhoon to raise her six pups to be strong and healthy. Now they’re growing up and will soon be adopted into loving families, but we won’t let Kath’s commitment and love go unrewarded. She will keep one of her pups, Brigitta, forever, because in nature female pups often stay with their mother, and because Brigitta is very close to her doting mum. Kath was

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Moppy the rescued Taiwan dog who was born with puppy swimmer syndrome


Moppy is one of the most popular dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of rescuing. Despite having almost no mobility in her legs, she still manages to scoot along on most surfaces, especially if there’s a new dog or person to make friends with. She loves making new friends, and that’s easy, because she always has a smile on her face and that makes her very personable and approachable. Moppy is happy, loves rough-housing with the

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Tawain tugou dog Sasha. who lost both front feet to poachers' leghold traps


Sasha is an incredibly quiet and easy-going dog despite the awful pain she has endured. Even at the time of rescue, she was very gentle and allowed us to pick her up and let the vet clean her wounds without any fuss at all. She has been the victim of one of the many thousands of steel leg-hold traps and wire snares that plague the Taiwan countryside, put out by lazy hunters and indiscriminately

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Uhuru the Taiwan terrier rescued from a terrible hoarding situation


Uhuru is very shy when she first meets people and can stay distant for quite some time, even appearing aggressive should you get close. But the reality is that she really loves and craves human attention and has just been used to being overly protective of her pup, Kane. Given enough time, Uhuru will not only allow you to get close but will also enjoy a cuddle. She has come a long way since

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rescued black cat Mingus peeking out from behind a cardboard flap


Mingus has been in ACT care since he was recued as a stray kitten surviving on a dangerous road by befriending kind passersby and beguiling them into giving him something to eat or a little bit of affection—whichever he was most in need of at the time. Mingus was one of the easiest rescues we’ve ever had, as the man who asked us to save him from a short life dodging cars on a

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