Chip in to make something great happen for rescued animals in Taiwan!

As a growing animal-rescue charity, ACT often has a new expense that needs a special appeal all of its own—from a prosthetic leg for a canine amputee or dog houses for the new residents to shades for the animals’ gardens or lifesaving emergency surgery for a cat hit by a car. The great thing for you is that you can see exactly where your kind donation is being spent, and the great thing for us is that we get to do so much more for our rescued animals.

So take a look at the appeals below that still need a gift from you to make them happen. Don’t see the right project for you? We have new appeals every week, so keep checking back. Or you might like to sponsor a dog or cat or just make a regular donation. However you help, know that you are helping transform the lives of suffering animals. They and we are very grateful.

Prefer to sponsor a dog or cat and have them write to you from time to time? How about trap survivor Jara?

Sammie the rescued Taiwan stray dog who lost a leg and two paws to poachers' snares

Sammie’s New Feet

Sammie tried to survive as a stray dog in an area plagued by illegal poachers’ leghold traps and wire snares. She fell victim to these cruel, indiscriminate devices on three occasions and lost a limb each time. Sammie is a fighter who deserves your compassion. She can walk and run again with your kind support.

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Parker is a dog in Taiwan rescued from a terrible hoarding situation

Vet Bill Appeal II

So far this year, ACT has rescued or brought in 52 dogs and cats in need of help. Most were suffering greatly and in desperate need of veterinary attention. Of these animals, 20 still have outstanding vet bills, for everything from X-rays and shots to amputation and intensive care.


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black rescued cat and white and ginger rescued cat

Become a Monthly Sponsor of The Cats’ Cradle

ACT has just opened a brand-new rescue and rehoming centre for cats. We’ve called this special place The Cats’ Cradle—A LiFeline for Rescued Cats in Northern Taiwan.

So we’re inviting kindhearted people like you to become monthly sponsors. In return, you’ll get regular newsletters, including accounts so you can see exactly how your money is being used—and how vital it is for the rescued cats.

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The Cats' Cradle feline rescue centre in SanZhi, Taiwan

Cats’ Cradle Rent Appeal

Help ACT secure a purr-fect new rescue centre especially for cats! ACT has finally found a perfect property to be transformed into a much-needed rescue-and-rehoming centre for all the cats who pass through our care. It has a big basement kitchen and bathroom with a large balcony, a spacious ground-level living room and quarantine room, another living room on the

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Fully Funded—Thank You to Everyone Who Chipped In!

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