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Our rescuers were following a malnourished nursing mum this morning to see if she might lead us to her pups so we could see if they survived the super typhoon and get the whole family the help they need.

Mum did indeed lead us to her pups. We counted four and caught mum when she returned for them.But our rescuers wanted to be sure we hadn’t missed any pups and went back to check. When they shone a light into the shelf where the pups were found, they spotted her: a half-dead puppy who had got stuck between a metal shelf and the wall—and was slowly being crushed to death.

Watch the video below to see how her rescue went.

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The family have all seen our vet, Dr. Liu. The pup in the video needs to stay at the hospital for intensive care. We’ve named her Maria, after the typhoon that just hit us.

Stay tuned for updates on Maria and her family.


GOOD NEWS: Marie survived the night and is doing much better today. She even managed to eat by herself!
Fingers crossed we can reunite her with her mum and siblings very soon.

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