"I am ready to complete your home!"


• Male • 11 weeks • 6 kg • Medium energy • Microchipped • Friendly and calm

Loki has been on the move ever since he was only 3 weeks old. Loki is now with his THIRD foster home.

Loki was crying at first when I picked him up, because he had just gotten comfortable with his second foster home but then soon had to leave. He didn’t cry for long, I had my hand with him and he started licking my hand and quiet down… I guess that somehow comforted him, but yet he was still very anxious. Loki was being so good during the car ride, he didn’t bark, didn’t pee, didn’t move around, just whined a little bit like any other babies would. When we finally got to the third foster home, Loki impressed me once again. He approached the new foster right away, and he didn’t bark nor was he scared. AND HE POTTY ON THE PEE PAD ON HIS OWN AT HIS NEW FOSTER HOME!👏👏👏

The first two foster homes both have great reviews of Loki, they said Loki is smart, very trainable, doesn’t bark, cuddly, loves being around people and animals, and SO SO SWEET and SO MUCH MORE! Loki has been so brave and gone through so much at such a young age. He is just a baby, he needs consistency and stability! Most importantly, he needs a home that would love him unconditionally just like how Loki would love you.❤️❤️🙏🙏

I don't know why I keep having to leave humans that I like, but I know I would like to stay and be with them forever.