The Animal Care Trust (ACT) is a registered UK charity set up to help animals in crisis.


ACT was borne from the passion and vision of Englishman Sean McCormack, who has worked tirelessly to end animal suffering in Taiwan for almost twenty years. Since moving to the island in 1999, he has directly rescued or helped almost 1,600 animals in distress, created seven animal sanctuaries, and started three associations in Taiwan dedicated to improving the welfare of animals: Animals Taiwan (2004—2008), the Taiwan SPCA (2008— 2010), and The PACK Sanctuary (2010—2017).


Sean co-founded ACT in 2017 with his wife, Judy Hsu, childhood friend Dave Penfold, and lifelong friend Paul Reynolds, known for his respected forty-year acting career in film and on television and stage. The three Brits and one Taiwanese started ACT as a resurrection and re-branding of People for Animal Care and Kindness, the UK charity that Sean and Judy started in 2015 as a means to connect their unique and inspiring rescue work with Sean’s home country.


We are extremely proud of our first major project ‘The ARK’ it’s already up and running and provides a temporary or long term sanctuary to our rescued animals awaiting re-homing. We have dedicated full-time staff, first class facilities, a healthy raw food diet and the love and respect we believe all animals deserve.


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Taiwan is an incredibly beautiful island, its people are friendly, crime is low, and it’s a wonderful place to be. But, just like everywhere else, Taiwan has a dark side.

Hidden within the stunning landscape are the scourge of wild and stray animals throughout the country: hunters’ leg-hold traps and wire snares that indiscriminately injure, maim, and even kill whatever creature is unfortunate enough to unwittingly step on one.

Take a drive into the gorgeous countryside and you will almost certainly see dogs or other animals with a foot or leg missing after being slowly amputated by one of these cruel devices.

Our rescuers have helped hundreds of animals, including dogs, cats, civets, ferret badgers, and even a macaque monkey, all of whom fell victim to one of the thousands of barbaric hunting devices that plague the Taiwan countryside. Several lost two or even three limbs. Hunting season is every winter, and this is when we are at our busiest with trap or snare rescues. But animals continue to be maimed year round

Sadly it’s almost inevitable that sooner or later, a homeless and hungry dog will fall victim to a snare or trap, naturally once this happens and if we don’t get there, the animal can die a very slow and painful death. This can be avoided with the right resources and hard work.


With help from the public and sometimes other animal rescuers or groups, ACT rescues animals 24/7 throughout northern Taiwan and sometimes further. We get them the veterinary help they need, no matter what time of night or day, and care for them around the clock if required to get them healthier than they have ever been. ACT is an advocate of feeding animals as healthily as possible. That means avoiding commercial, processed pellets and cans and instead providing fresh, raw food with health-providing appropriate supplements depending on individual health issues. Once an animal is healthy, we have three options to consider on their behalf:
  1. Release (for wild animals only)
  2. Re-home (for dogs and cats who would do better in a loving home environment)
  3. Sanctuary care (for dogs, cats, and other animals who would not benefit from being re-homed or released).
For cats and particularly dogs who aren’t good candidates for adoption because of severe behavioural problems such as fearfulness, anxiety, distrust, or aggression, we do our best to bring them out of their shell, make them feel safe and secure, and help them enjoy being close to people. ACT never euthanizes and animal unless he or she is suffering greatly and almost certain not to improve. We remain responsible for every animal who passes through our care for the rest of his or her life and always take back an adopted animal no matter the reason or length of time since being adopted.
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