will mean Sammie can run again

Sammie the rescued Taiwan stray dog who lost a leg and two paws to poachers' snares

We first spotted Sammie in December last year, struggling to survive in an area notorious for poachers’ steel leghold traps and wire snares. These horrifically cruel and indiscriminate devices grab the leg of any animal who unwittingly steps in one and slowly amputate their limb if they’re not quickly released. Most don’t get that help in time.

Sammie had clearly fallen victim at least twice, as she was hobbling slowly on just two legs; her back-left leg and front left paw were already missing. But she was also incredibly wary of humans and we couldn’t get near enough to net her. We had several humane traps set nearby  to catch any of the dozen or so recently maimed dogs who were in the area, but Sammie didn’t go near them.

Three weeks after we first spotted her, Sammie disappeared. Ten days later she emerged—with her front-right foot reduced to bone and barely hanging on. She had been snared again. Now incredibly slow, she was more easily netted but still put up a gallant attempt to flee and then fight. She has a truly indomitable spirit that we greatly admire.

In our care, Sammie quickly learned to accept and sometimes seek human affection. Though she still has a long way to go, we feel she is ready to be fitted for prosthetic feet for her front legs (the stump of the back leg is too short for a prosthetic, but dogs do very well with only one back leg).

This brave girl hobbles around to explore her yard from time to time, but it’s too painful to go too far and she currently spends most of her time on her favourite comfy bed. We would love to see Sammie put her fighting spirit to good use, determined to learn to walk and run again with the help of two prosthetic feet. We estimate the cost to total £2,500 (US$3,230 / NT$100,000).

Your kind gift of just £30 / US$40 / NT$1,200 will go a long way to helping Sammie become mobile again. You are free to donate less or more if you would like. Sammie is very much deserving of your compassion, because she has the determination to overcome the cruel injustices she has suffered at the hands of other people.

Please give what you can. We would love to see Sammie back on her feet again as soon as possible.

Sammie’s New Feet

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