Chip in so Sandy the lovable amputee can walk again!

You may have seen the The Dodo’s viral video of Sandy’s rescue. It tells the story of how ACT’s rescue team hiked for 12 hours to rescue a sweet dog with both front feet cut off by snares and carried him back down from his remote mountain village to get the veterinary attention he so desperately needed.

Six weeks later, and not only had Sandy’s stumps healed from the surgery, but he’d also got adopted into a very loving home! His new human, Bob, immediately drove him on a 14-hour round trip to visit the only vet on the island willing to make prosthetics especially for Sandy. Unfortunately, after waiting several months, the plastic legs were not good enough quality to allow the young dog to move around comfortably.

So then Bob found a local manufacturer of better-quality prosthetic legs for pets. But another lengthy wait ended in disappointment, as the fake feet only came in three off-the-shelf sizes, and none were right for Sandy.

So Bob looked further afield and found OrthoPets, an experienced, professional manufacturer of custom-made prosthetics for animals—and they can make the perfect new legs for Sandy! He’s already had casts made of his stumps, and OrthoPets is ready to start building them.

But first we need to raise the funds to pay for them. Sandy is a lovely dog and so deserving. We can’t wait to see him running around happily again. Please chip in if you can—we’re almost there!

Chip In So Sandy Can Run and Play Again

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Sandy the double-amputee dog being cuddled by adopter, Bob
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