Sparkles Lost a Leg to a Poacher's Leg-hold Trap

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vet bill of rescued stray dog maimed by leg-hold traps
vet bill of rescued stray dog maimed by leg-hold traps

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Sparkles the brindle stray dog resting on a sofa after surgery to amputate his trap-maimed foot

We rescued Sparkles on 9th March after he was spotted hobbling in pain with a steel leg-hold trap biting into the remains of his back-left leg. The cruel poaching device had been slowly dismembering the brindle stray’s foot over the last couple of weeks and was now biting into visible bone.

We rushed Sparkles to the vet for emergency surgery, which he underwent the same day. Dr. Liu amputated what was left of the foot and closed up the remaining stump. Sparkles was vaccinated, micrchipped, and neutered at the same time, and a thorough health check was performed.

One week later, however (today, Sunday, 17th March), Sparkles needs emergency surgery again. The stump has become badly infected, and he needs another operation to clean the wound and remove a little more skin and bone before it can be sutured closed again properly.

The estimated vet bill for Sparkles, including the latest surgery, is NT$30,850 (£755 / US$1,003), and we are urgently appealing for donations so that this tough little dog can have a happy, comfortable future.

If you are seeing this and thinking about contributing, please do, as Facebook has made it difficult for us to share our appeals with all our friends and followers unless we pay to do an advertisement each time.


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Many thanks to Matthew Wharton for calling in the rescue and helping net this poor dog. It was Matthew’s daughter who named him Sparkles.

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