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Rescued Taiwan dog Bob is free after living in a rusty cage his whole life

Bob came to ACT after a kind lady negotiated with his owner to release him to us after a lifetime of living in a small, very rusty cage with the door welded shut and situated over a drain, completely exposed to the elements except for a rickety makeshift roof. He spent his first week of freedom huddled up in the corner of our yard, unaware that he now had plenty of room to run around in—or perhaps just too scared to explore this new, wide-open space.

Thankfully, over time, Bob has learned to enjoy his new-found freedom, and can now be seen enjoying the sunshine—and even the rain—on little strolls around The ARK, his new home. He quickly learned to walk on leash, and the staff love taking him out for long walks to expand his horizons even further. He’s not a cuddly dog and won’t be any time soon, as he prefers to be left alone—unless it’s feeding time, in which case he’ll instantly become your best friend until all the food is gone. Bob may be difficult to touch, but he’s easy to love, and we’re honoured to be able to see him free now to do whatever he pleases.

My Story

“I had given up on life a long time ago. Many years I had lived locked inside a small, rusty cage, exposed to the elements, day in and day out. It wasn’t a life. It was hardly even an existence. The food was terrible, I had little attention from anyone, and strange lumps started growing on my body. I had no future. Nor did I have a past. It was hell, every single day, and I saw no point in my even being born.

“But some people came one day, and they seemed to be really interested in me. They talked softly to me and gave me nice treats through the rusty bars, but I knew better than to trust anyone or even hope that someone might want to be my friend, so I snapped at them to make them go away. But they kept coming back, and they would talk to the man who put me in that horrible place many times. And then, one day, it happened: they came with a special tool and broke open the door of my prison!

“The next few days, I experienced so many new things that I didn’t know how to take it all in. A man in white made me fall asleep, and, when I awoke, the lumps on my neck and chest were gone! And then I was given a nice space to walk around in and other dogs to keep me company. And the food—it was fresh, healthy, and so good! I know I’m in a good place now. I never want to go back to that rusty little cage hanging over a stinky drain. I love it here. Although I may never show you affection, please know that I am really grateful that you might sponsor me so that other animals and I can enjoy this second chance at life.”

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