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Cara the once-paralyzed pup

Cara is one of the sweetest yet most determined dogs you could ever wish to meet. She was born in one of our sanctuaries to a dog who we were told was already spayed—along with eight tiny siblings. Despite being vaccinated, she contracted distemper when she was just four months old, and over time she became completely paralyzed as a result. But we refused to put her to sleep immediately, deciding to see if her condition might improve. Against all the odds, it did, and Cara very slowly regained her ability to walk—albeit with a rather strange gait.

Because Cara became so dependent and attached while she was recovering, Judy decided it would be cruel to adopt her out to another family, and so she has become a permanent fixture at ACT. She lives in Sean and Judy’s home and is already planning some great photos and videos to share with you if you sponsor her.

My Story

“I had no idea why I got so sick, but I do know it was very scary. I lost my appetite and was in a lot of pain, but a great doctor saved my life. I was so relieved, but being away from my mum and brothers and sisters for so long made me sad. A nice lady took care of me, but, while I was there, something strange started to happen, and my whole body started shaking and wouldn’t stop. I became very wobbly, and one day I found I couldn’t move at all. I was really scared. But the nice people at ACT took me into their home and refused to give up on me. It took me a year, but I slowly regained movement, first in one foot, then my head, and then my limbs. It felt great when I was finally able to walk again! I may not be able to run, but I can walk very fast and I’m loving life!

“If you sponsor me, I will be able to stay in ACT’s care forever. I love it here. I live in a nice house with Sean and Judy and some other very special dogs. They take us for nice walks in the countryside and sometimes down on the beach. They tell me I look very pretty in photos and a little funny in videos. I’m not sure what they mean, but, if you sponsor me, you can see for yourself. I can’t wait to share my life with you!”

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