Gabby may be disabled from the waist down, but she doesn’t let that stop her having a full life. She glides around on semi-smooth surfaces no problem at all, and nothing can stop her climbing up onto a bed if it looks more comfy than hers. Gabby is mostly quiet but sometimes enjoys playing with the kittens and other cats she shares her home with. She always loves cuddles—and cat kisses!

But sometimes she just likes to be all by herself, sleeping on a thin cushion under the sofa or sunbathing alone in the patio window. We love taking care of Gabby, and this unstoppable girl is very worthy of your sponsorship.

My Story

“I guess I should have been more careful. Or maybe the driver should have been more aware. Whatever the reason why the accident happened, I’m just happy to be alive. A student found me and took care of me as long as she could, but, when she had to move overseas, she wanted to make sure I would be well cared for for the rest of my life. So she contacted the cat sanctuary that ACT created and they agreed to take me in! Even better, when two of the ACT founders met me and realised I needed a little more care than other cats, they said I could go live with them.

I get to sleep where I want, play with other cats, cuddle on the bed, and sunbathe on my very own balcony. The food is fantastic, the people are really nice, and I hope I can stay here forever. If you sponsor me, I will be so grateful—and I’ll be sure to send you lots of thank-you photos and videos of my happy and lazy life here.”

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