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Rescued Taiwan stray dog Gigi suffers from a pancreatic disorder called EPI

Gigi is a very sweet little girl and a bit of a favourite at The ARK. She suffers from a rare kind of pancreatic disease that prevents her from being able to easily digest the nutrition that she needs in order to gain weight and stay healthy. She needs to eat about three times more than a dog twice her size, and she needs regular trips to the vet and expensive supplements and medicine just to keep her alive.

But Gigi is happy. Apart from her food, which she loves more than anything, she enjoys being stroked, sunbathing, and going for walks (with lots of rests along the way). Because of her condition and the difficulties it creates in caring for her, Gigi is unlikely to ever be adopted into a loving home—and that’s OK, because she’s really not a companion-animal kind of dog. The ARK, and the environment and care she gets here, is perfect for Gigi, and she clearly loves being here.

She’s a very special little lady, and we love her zest for life despite the daily challenges she faces. She may not make a great pet any time soon, but she is certainly deserving of your sponsorship and will always have interesting updates to share.

My Story

“I really wasn’t doing well as a stray pup in downtown Taipei City. I was cute, and people liked me, but I never could seem to get enough food! By the time I was five months old, I was just skin and bones, and my legs stopped working. And I got very scared. If some of the nice people who were feeding me hadn’t called ACT to come rescue me, I probably wouldn’t be here today. That’s because they took me to many doctors to find out what was wrong with me, and I know most people wouldn’t think I am worth all that bother and expense. But they loved me the moment they met me, and they told me that they will never stop trying to make me healthy. And that made me very happy.

“I’m now getting lots and lots of delicious, healthy food several times a day, and I get special medicine to help me get better. It’s slow progress, and I may never be perfect, but I’m still alive, I am now putting on weight, and living here at The ARK gives me a life very much worth living. If you sponsor me, I will be so grateful! I will send you emails from time to time, and, if you want to, I will let you come take me for a little walk (as long as you’re in no rush, because I’m a bit slow and like to rest a lot!). Thank you for letting me tell my story. I really hope we can become friends.”

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