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Jara the white Taiwan stray dog was rescued after a steel leghold trap cut off half her foot

Jara was a stray dog living on a mountain road that runs right through an area plagued by leg-hold traps and wire snares, cruel devices that lazy hunters use for catching wild animals to eat. She stepped in a trap and it slowly amputated her toes. It took us a few days to catch her, because she is very wary of strangers, and by the time we did it was too late.

Thankfully, our vet was able to save most of the foot, and if you see Jara walking around one our gardens, you’d never know she was so badly maimed. Jara is a very wary girl still. She won’t let anyone touch her yet, and always keeps her distance, even at feeding time. But we’ll make progress with her. Jara won’t get adopted anytime soon, but she’s content, she’s safe, and she’s healthy in our care. Please think about sponsoring this shy girl!

My Story

“I’ve never really trusted people. I always stay away from them unless they’re bringing me food and I’ve known them a long time. And yet I was still hurt by one. It was a terrible time for me, but I’m OK now; I run and play and get around just as well as any of my packmates, so don’t feel sorry for me. Unlike the friends I left behind on the mountain, I’m safe, and the food here is amazing!

“I’ve never felt happier— though I know I need to learn to relax a little more. I’m sorry you can’t come and play with me or take me for a walk. If you sponsor me, it will always have to be a long-distance relationship, I’m afraid, But I will be forever grateful that you chose me to be your sponsoree. It’s nice to feel safe, Thank you for helping me stay here!”

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