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Jay the Taiwan tugou dog

Jay is in ACT care because of some behavioural issues that his loving human was having difficulty controlling. While he still wants to be the king of his garden, he is doing much better with people now. He loves cuddles and playing games, and is always the perfect companion for a long walk.

Jay has a young-dog mentality and is very much like a troublesome teenager: very testing but also lots of fun. The ARK (our dog rescue kennels and gardens) is the perfect home for Jay; he gets to run around outside as much as he wants, gets the perfect diet (low-carb to dull his energy a little), strong and benign leadership from his human carers, lots of walks, and tons of love. He’s a great-looking dog and one of our most photogenic, so he’s great at sending you photos. Just sponsor him and you’ll see what we mean!

My Story

“I think I know why I ended up in the shelter all those years ago: it’s because I’m a bit of a naughty boy, right? I was just a pup then, but I guess I was a bit of a handful and that’s why my people had to give me away. I was really lucky though, because a nice man took me to his really nice house and really took great care of me for several years. But I forgot to be grateful and kind of made life very difficult for him. So he asked ACT to take care of me for life, because the people there know how to handle my energy.

“So here I am, and I love it! The food is great, the people are really nice, and I get to run around, play, and go for walks all the time. It’s really the best place I could ever wish for, and, although I often don’t seem it, I’ll be very grateful if you could sponsor me so that ACT can take of my friends and me forever. If you do, I’ll send you some gorgeous photos of me (did they tell you I’m really handsome?)!

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