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rescued black cat Mingus peeking out from behind a cardboard flap

Mingus has been in ACT care since he was rescued as a stray kitten surviving on a dangerous road by befriending kind passersby and beguiling them into giving him something to eat or a little bit of affection—whichever he was most in need of at the time. Mingus was one of the easiest rescues we’ve ever had, as the man who asked us to save him from a short life dodging cars on a dark road simply picked him up and placed him into our cat carrier.

Friendly, cuddly, stunning-looking, black boy Mingus greets visitors to our new Cats’ Cradle rescue-and-rehoming centre. Black cats don’t get adopted very easily (yeah, we don’t understand it either), so, for now, tall, dark, handsome Mingus is putting his good looks and beautiful character to good use as one of our sponsorship ‘models’. Sponsor him and expect some gorgeous photos and videos from a very grateful Mingus!

My Story

“It wasn’t easy trying to survive as a stray black kitten living next to a big, fast, dark road, but I learned very quickly that a bit of charisma goes a long way! I really enjoyed all the friends I met during that time, but those big, fast cars scared me a lot and seemed to get closer and closer every night. That’s why I let those nice people catch me: I knew life could be better. And it is! I now live with a lovely little girl, her mum and dad, six other cats (my best friends), and a little white dog called Malta.

I couldn’t be happier, as I get great food, lots of love, and a very comfy bed (I usually sleep with baby Saoirse, but sometimes I choose to sleep with all the other cats on Sean and Judy’s bed). But I heard we are going to move into a new place very soon. ACT is opening a big, beautiful, bright, and spacious house just for us felines! They said lots of people will come to see and play with us. And MAYBE one of them will take me home so I can have a family all of my own. Until then, can I be your sponsor cat so I can send you lots of photos and videos of me? Please don’t let my handsome looks go to waste!”

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