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Moppy the rescued Taiwan dog who was born with puppy swimmer syndrome

Moppy is one of the most popular dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of rescuing. Despite having almost no mobility in her legs, she still manages to scoot along on most surfaces, especially if there’s a new dog or person to make friends with. She loves making new friends, and that’s easy, because she always has a smile on her face and that makes her very personable and approachable.

Moppy is happy, loves rough-housing with the other dogs, and even has one trick: she can roll over and show her tummy on request! She’s really lovely and has a great zest for living—and she is very much looking forward to sharing with you photos and stories of her happy life.

My Story

“They found me on the street and called me a stray. Me? How could I stray?! I was born with puppy swimmer syndrome and not treated for it, and so I became permanently disabled. Maybe that’s why they didn’t want me. Then I ended up at a place with lots of other dogs, in a dark, hot room, with no aircon, stuck in a wire cage and pretty much forgotten about.

“But then a nice man came to visit the shelter I was in, and the next thing I knew I was in a lovely place, where I could scoot around in grass while enjoying the sunshine and the company of other playful dogs. I’ve been happy ever since. The man who rescued me says I’m loved now, and that makes me happy. They feed me delicious food, pull me along on my own little wagon, and even take me to the beach. I love my life now! I want to live here forever. Please sponsor me—I have some really fun photos and videos to share with you!”

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