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Amputee rescued Taiwan stray dog Robert

Robert was very wary of people at the time of rescue; in fact, it took us about a month to catch him because he kept such a distance from strangers. We tried hard almost every day, because his leg was in a really bad way, and his general condition was deteriorating. Finally we worked out a way to catch the wily stray: Judy drove the car while Sean hung out the window with a big net, and we managed to catch the little guy as he unwittingly hobbled past our vehicle.

Robert’s shyness continued for a long time, but, slowly, we have gained his trust and are now able to stroke him (when he’s in the mood) and take him for walks, which he loves despite only having three legs. He used to enjoy off-leash walks in safe areas, but that privilege is currently revoked after Robert decided not to get back in the car at the end of one run and we spent another week trying to catch him again!

But he was very happy when realised we were bringing him back home again, and he walked excitedly into our yard, wagging his tail as his pack members joyfully greeted him. Robert is a very photogenic dog and is looking forward to sending you some beautiful photos of his handsome self if you should sponsor him. So please do!

My Story

“I loved my life out in the mountains. I had lots of friends and family there, and we roamed far and wide together, looking for food and ways to have fun. That day when I stepped in something really painful, my life changed forever. I lost my foot, and as much as I tried to keep up with my pack, every day I was getting weaker and in more pain. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in a really bad way.

“Then, one day, while I hobbling around on a mountain road, some people caught me in a net and took me to an animal hospital. It was very scary at first, but every day I felt better and better, and my leg stopped hurting. Now I live in Sean and Judy’s house, where I get delicious, healthy food, head rubs, and leash walks. Sometimes they even take me to the beach! I’m really happy living here, and I’ll be really grateful if you can help me stay here forever—or until I maybe get a family of my own. Did they tell you how photogenic I am? You’ll get some lovely photos from me! Please be my sponsor!”

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