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Tawain tugou dog Sasha. who lost both front feet to poachers' leghold traps

Sasha is an incredibly quiet and easy-going dog despite the awful pain she has endured. Even at the time of rescue, she was very gentle and allowed us to pick her up and let the vet clean her wounds without any fuss at all. She has been the victim of one of the many thousands of steel leg-hold traps and wire snares that plague the Taiwan countryside, put out by lazy hunters and indiscriminately maiming pets and wildlife, some of whom are endangered. Even people have been hurt after accidentally stepping in or putting their hands in one of these cruel devices.

Sasha is a real pleasure to care for, and, while we hope that one day someone will look past her disability and see what a wonderful addition she will make to any family home, we are very happy to have her in our care. She is very deserving of your sponsorship and will have lots of interesting updates to share with you as she makes progress in overcoming her challenges.

My Story

“I have no idea what snapped shut on my legs that summer day; all I know is that it was very, very painful and scary. I was trapped there for two weeks, until the cruel devices eventually took off my front feet, allowing me to painfully crawl back to the spot where I knew I could get help.

“The kind ladies who feed me and had noticed I was missing were waiting for me, and they immediately called ACT to come rescue me when they saw the extent of my injuries. I’m very grateful for all the love and care I’ve had since. They say I’m going to get new feet very soon! I can’t wait to be able to go for walks again.

“Thank you for wanting to sponsor me. Your support means I will have a home and be loved for life, and it helps all my other amputee friends here too. And you can come see me if you want to, because I do like a little bit of attention.”

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