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Uhuru the Taiwan terrier rescued from a terrible hoarding situation

Uhuru is very shy when she first meets people and can stay distant for quite some time, even appearing aggressive should you get close. But the reality is that she really loves and craves human attention and has just been used to being overly protective of her pup, Kane. Given enough time, Uhuru will not only allow you to get close but will also enjoy a cuddle.

She has come a long way since being rescued after giving birth in a hoarding nightmare and is very deserving of all the fresh air, open space, and healthy diet she is now enjoying. It’s been hard work getting her to this happier place, but she’s worth every bit of our time and effort.

We hope that, one day, Uhuru will be relaxed enough around people to be adopted into a loving home. Until that time, she has a safe, healthy, loving home in the care of our staff at The ARK, and we love having her here.

My Story

“I thought my last surviving baby and I would never get out of that horrible place. It was dark, dirty, stinky, noisy, and very scary for a mum with a six-week-old puppy. When ACT discovered us and saw my boy dying on the floor of our cage, I admit I wasn’t very welcoming and did what I could to stop them taking my son. But when we were reunited a few days later, with my little Kane not only alive but already looking so much better, I started to realize that maybe something good was finally happening to us.

“And it was! We now live in a beautiful, open, natural space, surrounded by friends who have also been rescued from that hellhole, and life is good! I am so happy to be here, and I’ve started relaxing a whole lot more. Thank you for helping me, my son, and our friends live such a fulfilling life in ACT care!”

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