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become a Sponsor

By sponsoring an ACT rescue, you are not only ensuring the lifelong quality care of that dog or cat, but also supporting our continued and incredibly important animal-rescue work.

ACT rescues and rehabilitates more than 150 animals each year—almost all from immense suffering or danger—and gives them the best future possible through release of healthy wild animals or rehoming of dogs and cats. But some cannot ever be released or are unlikely to find a better home than in our care.

By sponsoring one or more of these special dogs or cats, you are not only guaranteeing them lifelong love and care, but you also help ensure that ACT can continue transforming the lives of many more. You will receive three or four email updates per year from your chosen animal, giving you a unique insight into their life while providing a meaningful thank-you for your kindness.

Some of the communications from your sponsoree will include a new photo and sometimes even a video. Your monthly gift will mean everything to your sponsored animal and other animals in need. And knowing we have your contribution coming in every month helps us plan ahead while feeling reassured that our rescues can always be treated for their ailments and injuries and enjoy a fulfilling new life.

Please take a look below at the specially chosen 12 resident animals available for sponsorship. Click on their picture or name to read more about them.

Should you need any help, please email our cofounder, [email protected] or click here to submit an online form.

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