Help Pay the Vet Bill of a Rescued Animal
ACT helped 126 animals in 2018

21 were maimed by hunting devices
13 were accident victims
21 were very sick
67 needed surgery
50 needed other veterinary treatment
We need to clear this month's vet bill so we
can start the New Year with a clean slate
Donate today to help transform
the lives of suffering animals
Any amount, big or small,
makes their world a better place
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Thank you to all the lovely donors who helped us pay off the 49 vet bills!

Dear fellow animal lover,

In 2018, ACT rescued more than 100 suffering animals in northern Taiwan and transformed their lives for the better. Many of them required lengthy hospital stays or expensive surgery or treatment. A lot of our rescued animals require surgery to amputate a limb that has been maimed by hunters’ leg-hold traps or snares. Others need plates and screws to mend badly broken bones—the result of being a black stray dog living on a dark, dangerous road. And quite a few of our rescued dogs have underlying issues, such as heartworm or tick disease, that we fix in order to give them as long and comfortable life as possible.

Our Facebook friends have been fantastic, and most of our appeals for donations for vet bills were successful and we were able to pay them off in full. But some appeals were less successful. In some of these cases, we borrowed funds from other expenses; in others, we have yet to pay our vet, Dr. Liu (luckily, he’s a very patient and understanding man).

We would love to start 2019 with all our vet bills paid off. The total we need to raise is £5,425 (NT$211,000 / US$6,900)—about the equivalent of two ordinary month’s veterinary costs. If the donations for this fundraising appeal pass the target figure, all surplus funds will be put towards future vet bills. We’re currently in the middle of hunting season in Taiwan and expect to rescue at least 25 animals maimed by cruel trapping devices, so your donation will be well spent. None will go on admin costs—it all goes directly to paying veterinary costs.

To help boost our vet-bill kitty, please choose a donation level below (we’ve chosen levels based on common veterinary expenses we face), or just enter your own custom amount. Decide if you would like to cover our transaction fees, and then click on Donate Now. You’ll be take to the payment page, where you can enter your payment info.

Every little helps transform the life of a suffering animal.

Thank you, and happy New Year!

Sean, Judy, and the ACT team

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