Come Volunteer for ACT
at The ARK or The Cat's Cradle!

A large team of hockey-playing volunteers helping out at The ARK rescue kennels and gardens

We are currently building our program for local and overseas volunteers. With over 130 rescues per year and 150 animals to care for, we need all the help we can get—and all the help you can give!

Volunteering at ACT is extremely rewarding. With nearly 50 cats and 105 dogs all wanting food, attention, walks, brushing, and love, you’ll quickly learn how much your help is valued. The animals will certainly show their appreciation.

We’re located in a beautiful part of Taiwan, with mountains behind us and beach just ahead, and there are inexpensive places nearby to relax, eat, and stay. People here are very friendly, and Taiwan is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. And our residents have oodles of licks and requests for tummy rubs to impart on you.

Drop us an email, telling us a little about yourself and what you can bring to our animals in the way of experience, knowledge, and skills. Tell us what you need, such as dietary requirements and what kind of place you would like to stay in, and we’ll do all we can to make your visit here as enjoyable as possible, whether it’s for an afternoon or a couple of months.

Drop Sean an email at Sean@ACTforAnimals.org and he’ll be happy to arrange your volunteering visit. Our dogs and cats are looking forward to meeting you!


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